Officers for 2019-2020 school year
President:  Nicole Leonard

  Lisa Mahler
Secretary:  Chelsea Quick

Treasurer:  Trina Ekberg

Past President:
  Ashlee Vernon
The Meadowlark PTO is a very active organization at our school.  The PTO funds many things for teachers and students to use in the classroom.  They also host many activities to encourage participation of Meadowlark families including fun night, new parent orientation, and Scholastic book fairs.  Money raised at some of these events impact the classrooms at Meadowlark!  Families are encouraged to join the PTO at the beginning of the school year and are encouraged to attend monthly meetings in the library to hear of things that are happening and to give valuable input into issues the PTO are looking at funding or participating in.  Please contact a PTO officer with questions or comments regarding PTO!
PTO currently does or has done the following:
1.  Funds the Accelerated Reader program by contributing to the subscription of the online AR program, Renaissance Place. 
2.  Funds the AR store that opens one day each month.
3.  Purchased the benches in front of the school
4.  Purchased digital cameras for each classroom teacher at MLR.
5.  Helps teachers with purchases for their classroom at the beginning of each school year.
6.  Funds special author visits every few years with other PTO's in the district.
7.  Purchased several promethean boards for classrooms in the building.
8.  Purchased school tshirts that students wore on special days.
                          And many other things!!
2019-2020 Meeting Minutes:


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